Gene Kim

My Top Five Lessons Learned: DevOps In Large, Complex Organizations

For me, nothing inspires more awe and more learning than studying how large, complex organizations that have been around for decades, or even centuries, are mobilizing around DevOps and getting the same amazing outcomes that we typically see in organizations like Amazon, Google, Netflix and Etsy. They are elevating the state of the engineering practice in organizations that often have thousands of development, test and operations engineers, improving organizational outcomes and making work more humane and fun.

I can’t wait to share with the DevOpsDays community what I’ve learned, share the problem roadmap that’s been verbalized, and some of the things we’ve been working on to help people overcome those problems!

See you there!


My top 5 DevOps learnings by Gene Kim from DevOpsDays London 2016 on Vimeo.


Gene Kim

Gene Kim


Gene is a multiple award winning CTO, researcher and author. He was founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. He has written three books, including “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win,” “The Visible Ops Handbook” and the upcoming “DevOps Handbook.”

Gene is a huge fan of IT operations, and how it can enable developers to maximize throughput of features from “code complete” to “in production,” without causing chaos and disruption to the IT environment. He has worked with some of the top Internet companies on improving deployment flow and increasing the rigor around IT operational processes. In 2007, ComputerWorld added Gene to the “40 Innovative IT People Under The Age Of 40” list, and was given the Outstanding Alumnus Award by the Department of Computer Sciences at Purdue University for achievement and leadership in the profession.