Joanne Molesky

We are Great at DevOps but the Enterprise is Failing

DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) allow us to deliver IT services and products faster and more reliable than product owners ever dreamed of. However, many enterprise management processes and practices are barricades that require dismantling to gain maximum benefit from this capability. In this session, we will talk about legacy management practices in Finance, IT Governance and Procurement and how they inhibit our ability to extend the benefits and create more value to our customers when we embrace DevOps and CD. We will provide examples from large enterprises that demonstrate how we can use Lean Thinking and Principles to break down these management barricades and deliver even more value to our customers.


DEVOPS: Why we fail at scale by Joanne Molesky from DevOpsDays London 2016 on Vimeo.


Joanne Molesky

Joanne Molesky


Joanne Molesky is a Principal Associate at ThoughtWorks and is coauthor of The Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovated at Scale. She specializes in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance and has led our global practice team for Continuous Delivery and the internal Information Security team.

Since publishing the book with co-authors Jez Humble and Barry O’Reilly, she has been traveling the globe, presenting to executives how the principles behind the Lean movement can be applied to the use of information technology to improve their organization’s performance.

Joanne is recognised by HP Enterprise as one of the five women IT leaders to watch in 2016.