Philippe Guenet

From Lean in Automative to Lean IT

There is much we can learn from Lean in the automative industry, dating back to Henry Ford and Toyota and looking forward to the now more modern iterations and implementation of Lean.

In this talk, we will revisit fundamental Lean concepts and principles applicable to IT and explore how they can be applied to improve our organisations. The topics we will cover include Total Quality Management, organisation optimisation, simplification and improved time-to-market.


Ignite talk by Philippe Guenet from DevOpsDays London 2016 on Vimeo.


Philippe Guenet

Philippe Guenet


Philippe joined GFT (previously as Rule Financial) in 2011 and has worked on the Operational Excellence of IT delivery in the Financial sector.

With a view to scale Agile adoption, Philippe has focused on Lean and DevOps and the transformation of Banks to continuous delivery. Beyond the technology, Philippe is interested in the Management aspects: organisation, governance, management information, continuous improvement programmes, Enterprise and Solution Architectures.

Outside of work, Philippe loves spending time with family, is a motorsport enthusiast (owning several motorcycles) and thrill seeker practicing off-piste skiing and BMX racing.