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April 19-20, 2016
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This event took place: Tuesday 19th April 2016 - Wednesday 20th April 2016 and was SOLD OUT!

It was followed by a Hackathon.

The rise of DevOps, enabling the lean Enterprise

The emphasis of DevOpsDays London 2016 is on DevOps in the Enterprise with specific reference to the Financial Services Industry. With that said, the event is open to any delegate, and we especially encourage participation by Enterprises for whom DevOps may not yet seem a natural fit, intuitive or adding value.

To begin with we will look at the origins of DevOps, its various reference points, scope of application and why these new ways of working are changing, not just the IT delivery landscape, but the dynamic and interactions across the entire Enterprise.

We are then intending to explore what global Enterprises have to gain by embracing DevOps or lose by not doing so, and help them answer the question: “Are we doing enough DevOps yet?”.

DevOps doesn’t necessarily come easy to established organisations so looking at the challenges these Enterprises face and how they can be successfully overcome is important. We will offer vision from DevOps and Lean specialists, insights from industry leaders as well as practical approaches and guidance from technology specialists. Areas of interest include:

  • Legacy management – What is legacy in the context of DevOps and proven strategies for removing it from the Enterprise.
  • Regulatory compliance and DevOps – A look at of regulatory requirements for FinTechs and different ways to optimise the flow of change whilst remaining compliant.
  • Tactical thinking vs. Sustainability – How to challenge motivations for “Tactical” delivery and embedding Sustainability as the foundation of the Enterprise architecture.
  • Vendor relationships – How to apply DevOps principles and realise associated benefits with third party providers of software and/or services.

Having covered the “Why do DevOps across the Enterprise” we’ll also be looking at the “How to do it”. In addition to discussing the need to establish a goals-driven continuous improvement culture, we’d also like to look at:

  • The automation landscape – How various tools are being used to facilitate the flow of work.
  • Metrics strategies both during and after DevOps adoption in the Enterprise.
  • Setting the Enterprise DevOps context – Balancing innovation vs. estate management and making it easier to collaborate.

As well as presentations, ignites sessions (short presentations with Q&A) and open spaces (delegate driven breakouts) , we will be arranging panel sessions which will allow delegates to ask questions and see them debated by DevOps thought leaders, heads of industry and regulatory representatives.

Amongst the several DevOps and Lean experts attending DevOpsDays London 2016 we are very pleased to have Gene Kim (co-author of The Phoenix Project) and Joanne Molesky (co-author The Lean Enterprise) joining us. You will have the opportunity to meet them in person and hear them speak on a variety of subject matter aligned to the Enterprise theme.

The first day will conclude with networking drinks for all delegates.


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