devopsdays Los Angeles - propose

Call for proposals opens Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015.
Call for proposals closes Monday, Nov 30, 2015.
Selected proposals will be announced on Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015.

There are three types of session proposals we are reviewing:

  1. A proposal for a talk/panel during the conference part : these are 20-45 minute slots that will have the full attention of all attendees, as everybody will be in that one room.
  2. An Ignite talk that will be presented during the Ignite sessions. These are 5 minutes slots with slides changing every 15 seconds (20 slides total) which are also presented to all attendees in one room
  3. Open Space session : even without a prepared presentation we welcome the discussion and interaction by having people propose a session on the fly during Open Space. Check the Open Space explanation for more information.

How to submit a proposal:

If you are a registered speaker from a previous SCALE or DevOpsDay LA event, you can re-use your account from the previous submission with out signing up for a new account (and you can skip the next paragraphs).

For first-time submitters, "Create a new account". You will be asked to provide your name name, affiliation, bio, and an email address of the speaker. Please ensure that the personal biography is not more than 1000 characters; focus on relevant experience to your proposal topic and write from the third-person perspective.

Once registration is complete, an email will be automatically sent to the email-address to set the password for subsequent access.

To submit a talk, login and click link labeled Submit a presentation.

Enter the title for the talk, the intended audience, and select DevOps as the TOPIC. Then provide a brief description of the main points to be presented. Provide additional details in the space provided. Also, include the names of all speakers that will present this session. Each speaker must be registered with the system before they can be entered in the "speaker" field.

Once the talk has been submitted, further edits to the submission can be made, if necessary, up to the CFP closing date by logging into the account with the credentials provided during registration. Be sure to include an email for the primary contact for the presentation. Important information will sent to that address.

In the notes to reviewers section, please indicate if you are submitting a session, ignite talk, or open space session. Additionally please notify us if the presentation will require a special technical set-up. The standard setup provided will include:

  1. microphone
  2. projector
  3. a laptop running Linux with a postscript viewer as well as OpenOffice (you may bring your own laptop if you prefer)

If you run into any problems during the submission process, for help, please email us at

Proposal abstracts are reviewed by our organizing committee and evaluated solely on merit. Given the number of high quality submissions received every year, we request that submission dates be strictly honored in order to provide the committee enough time to choose the best set of proposals.

Our main criteria to make it to the top selection are: - original content: content not yet presented at other conferences, or a new angle to an existing problem - new presenters: people who are new to the space and have insightful stuff to say; we want to hear everybody’s voice - no vendor pitches: as much as we value vendors and sponsors, we just don’t think this is the right forum. You can demo at your table or during Open Space.