Jamie Riedesel

Title: Intentional Design of Your Monitoring System


A good monitoring stack is more than the software that says ‘monitoring’ on the label. Maybe your monitoring system is a bunch of cron scripts that send email when things happen. Maybe you dropped $100K on licensed software that can email reports and has its own mobile app. When used as part of systemic approach to monitoring, both approaches can lead your organization to success.

Monitoring is a stack, and like most web applications there are discrete components that all systems have. Sometimes they’re automated, sometimes they’re 100% people-driven. What matters is that you have the system that works for you and your organization.

We will cover what those components are and how they work together. What’s more, we’ll touch on the conversations you should have as you work to systematize your monitoring practices. We won’t tell you what technology you should use, that’s entirely up to you.

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Jamie Riedesel

Jamie Riedesel


Jamie Riedesel started out in Government IT for the City of St. Paul and has since moved into the private sector. Currently she’s working remotely for a San Francisco based startup. In the meantime, she’s earned the Chuck Yerkes award from LOPSA for being helpful online, and is trying to become more helpful in person.