Jeff Smith

Title: DevOps: What’s Buried in the Fine Print


Your organization is rolling out DevOps and everyone is excited and on-board! Life is going to be perfect post-devops, because DevOps is the cure for all that ails your company. Because levels expectations and levels of disappointment seem to have a relationship, I’d like to talk to you about our experience with the DevOps transformation.

Come join Jeff Smith as he walks through the trials and tribulations of destroying the silos in your organization. Buried inside all of the hype of DevOps are hurdles, people problems and mission creep that can derail your transformation. We’ll cover areas like:

* Toolchain Paralysis - With all the tools out there to help you realize the DevOps dream, its easy to get caught up in the tools/solution hype cycle. Don’t let the community tell you what is a must-do. We’ll talk about making sure you solve your problems instead of Google’s or Facebook’s.

* Skill set augmentation - DevOps chats are famous for the adage “Hire the Right People”. But I’m guessing you already thought you were doing that. How do you get developers and ops to gain skills in the other’s discipline?

* On Call Support - When you disperse Ops staff into stream teams, you also have the potential to dilute the number of on-call people who can handle issues. There are tons of options and all of them have a downside.

and more! Don’t think these hurdles are new or unique. You’ll get through them, and hopefully we’ll help show you how.


Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith


Jeff Smith has been in the technology field for over 15 years, oscillating between manager and individual contributor. He currently serves as the Manager of Site Reliability Engineering at GrubHub. Jeff enjoys discussing the psychological aspect of problems in organizations. Jeff is also one of the co-founders of the Chicago Nerd Social Club. He occasionally musters up the strength to write on his All Things Dork blog.