Sarah Goff-Dupont

Title: Marketing: your unexpected devops allies


Development teams and sales/marketing teams aren't always BFFs. Too often, the relationship is downright dysfunctional: either marketing dictates what the product team builds based solely on what is "sellable" with little consideration to timelines or what non-customer-facing work needs to be done, or the product team does a bunch of random work with little consideration for creating a strong marketing "story". But it doesn't have to be this way.

In the devops spirit of cross-team collaboration, why not recruit sales and marketing as your newest allies in the fight against workplace silos?

This talk will cover practical and battle-tested ways to work together towards a higher-quality and more marketable piece of software. From semi-obvious things like information radiators, to deeper collaborations in roadmapping and release planning, there's a lot more you can do than just invite the sales team to your stand-ups.


Sarah Goff-Dupont

Sarah Goff-Dupont


Sarah has been working in and around software teams for 14 years – as QA engineer, agile coach, and now a marketer. When not writing about all things agile and/or automated, she can be found reading contemporary fiction, smashing it out & keeping it real at CrossFit, or rolling around on the floor with her kids (possibly all at once).