Ben Burry

Title: Are you talking to me?


How carrying out our lives over video is affecting us and our teams

As organisations have begun to embrace remote working, we’ve gained more flexibility in where and how we can work. Voice and video remain the most efficient way to communicate while working distant from your colleagues, but doing this effectively while also feeling part of a team can carry with it some side effects.

In this talk I’ll take a look at the unexpected impact that video conversations may be having on our professional and personal relationships. We’ll focus on the things that are in your control to make working over video better (and share some feelings about the stuff that’s not).

The talk will:

  • help you more quickly spot the nuances of remote communication within your team
  • cover some of the research into the psychological effect this can have on us as individuals, and as teams
  • explore what you and your organisation can do to mitigate against these


Ben Burry

Ben Burry

Ben Burry is a senior infrastructure engineer at Etsy, working both remotely (and not remotely!) on the Devtools team.