Ben Hughes

Title: Why won’t my DevOps team talk to my Security team?


So you bought yourself a nice new shiny devops team, and everything is running swell. Productivity is up, high fives are up, that strange graph on Github has an awful lot of green on it, as does Nagios. Tea and medals for all.

But there’s a problem. Your security team are hiding in their bunker silo, refusing to come out until everyone agrees to their hourly password rotation policy demands, and you’d really like your micro-scooter wielding DevOps team to talk to them about this new social 401k via Snapchat through bitcoins product you’re launching next week.

What to do, what to do?

In this, now fantastically elaborately set up talk, I will discuss who’s fault this all is, what we’ve done at Etsy to have hundreds of security engineers around the clock, and why you should really use WhatsApp over Snapchat.


Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes


Ben is a security engineer at Etsy where he protects the yarn from evil doers. He’s previously been an operations engineer (or sysadmin to those who’ve been in the industry more than 10 years) at Puppet Labs working on automation software, a network engineer so knows how to battle through Cisco’s product catalogue. He learnt about systems security by the generosity of other people’s insecure systems in the 90s.