David Blank-Edelman

Title: DevOps vs. SRE: Fight! (wait, I mean Learn!)


Just within the last ten years (+-3), we have seen at least two separate communities evolve from the generic idea of Systems Administration/Operations. The first, DevOps, grew up very much in public, the second happened more within the halls of “special” companies like Google and Facebook and is only now starting to gain visibility and traction in the wider world. They have a number of priorities in common but also diverge in some very interesting ways. In this talk we’ll explore the key things we can learn from each group and see what might happen if we cross the streams.


David Blank Edelman

David Blank Edelman


David is the Technical Evangelist at Apcera. He has spent close to thirty years in the systems administration/DevOps/SRE field in large multiplatform environments including Brandeis University, Cambridge Technology Group, MIT Media Laboratory and Northeastern University. He is the author of the O’Reilly Otter book (Automating System Administration with Perl) and is a frequent invited speaker at conferences in the field. David is honored to serve on the USENIX Board of Directors. He prefers to pronounce Evangelist with a hard ‘g’.