Eric Passmore

Title: Stop doing Failure Mode Analysis and Start doing Checklists


Cultural changes are hard, and educating large teams in DevOps takes time. Half the time we feel like we are in the Rebel Alliance trying to overthrow the empire. There is a better way. Ignore the cultural changes, stop doing failure mode analysis and start doing checklists. Checklist work because people learn by doing. Teams do not push back because everyone is doing the work.

Learn why failure mode analysis does not work, how to build a checklist, and how to roll out a checklist.


Eric Passmore

Eric Passmore


Eric Passmore is an online media and technology executive working at Microsoft. He has previously held executive roles at AOL and CBS Interactive. During his 20-year career he has served as head of platforms and infrastructure, content management, application development, and online media. Eric has developed real-time systems to power online social activities and demand-based systems to create customized and relevant experiences. He is a co-inventor of a patented system that creates personalized experiences from large volumes of online content. Eric is passionate about creating resilient services. He is a frequent speaker on topics of large-scale cloud services and improved operational practices.