Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Title: DevOps: A History


In the midst of buzzwords like “devops”, “containers”, “continuous delivery”, “IAAS”, and even “cloud” it can be easy to forget the problems these concept were created to solve. It is impossible to fully understand DevOps as it is now without understanding where it came from. This talk will take you through a journey of each stage of the DevOps movement - from the very beginning to the most bleeding edge tools and concepts of today. At each stage I will thoroughly cover the “how” and “why” - including personal testimonials from those involved - Devops evolved the way it did. Go beyond the buzzwords and gain a new understanding of the how and why of Devops. You will walk away with a new understanding of why we used to do things - what problems we were trying to solve, what brought DevOps to where it is now, and it’s potential for the future.


Nell Shamrell Harrington

Nell Shamrell Harrington


Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Software Development Engineer at Chef, focusing on the Supermarket open source product. She also sits on the advisory board for the University of Washington Certificates in Ruby Programming and DevOps. She specializes in Chef, Ruby, Rails, Regular Expressions, and Test Driven Development and has traveled the world speaking on these topics. Prior to entering the world of software development, she studied and worked in the field of theatre. The world of theatre prepared her well for the dynamic world of creating software applications. In both, she strives to create a cohesive and extraordinary experience. In her free time she enjoys practicing the martial art Naginata.