Rebecca Fernandez & Jen Krieger

Title: Tools aren't just about tech


There are foundational reasons why collaboration and communication is highly valued by the Agile and DevOps communities. However, much of the industry focuses on software tooling, rather than providing foundations to help with improving culture. When the industry thinks about the human parts of Agile and DevOps, they often think about things like Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, or alternatively, how much they will not do one of those things. Yet experienced practitioners will tell you that the standard methodologies like Scrum and Kanban are significantly less important than the method you use to communicate with your coworkers.

This session will explore the Open Decision Framework, a FOSS project management and decision-making resource built upon the foundational principles of open source: transparency, collaboration, community, rapid prototyping, and meritocracy.

You will get tips and ideas for how to gain support and buy-in for your ideas, manage conflicting opinions and priorities, limit unintended impacts, and help improve the overall trust across your team and organization by focusing on transparent decision-making.


Jen Krieger

Jen Krieger


Jen Krieger is Chief Agile Architect at Red Hat. Most of her 20+ year career has been in software development representing many roles throughout the waterfall and agile lifecycles. At Red Hat, she lead a department-wide DevOps movement focusing on CI/CD best practices. Most recently, she worked with the Project Atomic & OpenShift teams. Now Jen is guiding teams across the company into agility in a way that respects and supports Red Hat’s commitment to Open Source.
Rebecca Fernandez

Rebecca Fernandez


Rebecca Fernandez is a Principal Employment Branding + Communication Specialist at Red Hat. She is a writer and a communications coach with a passion for cultivating and sustaining great company cultures. Rebecca is the program manager, maintainer, and evangelist for the Open Decision Framework, a collection of Red Hat’s best practices for open, collaborative, and inclusive decision making that has been featured in Forbes, ZDNet, Business Insider, and She has contributed to, was an editor for Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s book The Open Organization, and is an Open Organization Ambassador.