Hannah Browne & Steve Mactaggart

Title: Why?: the forgotten word of DevOps


We all know DevOps is not about the tools or the process, it’s about a deeper cultural movement. But all too often we think about what DevOps is, and miss the focus on Why we do it in the first place.

In this presentation we explore:

  • The organisational context that is most likely to support a successful DevOps initiative
  • What questions you should be asking and how to frame the conversation when engaging with organisational leaders and non technical colleagues
  • How to connect the key values a DevOps initiative can generate with real business problems
  • Why we do all this


Hannah Browne

Hannah Browne


Hannah Browne is an opinionated deal maker and General Manager of software delivery and devops firm, Cevo. A non-technical technologist strongly focused on the people component of teams and organisations, because frankly, the technology problems are the usually the easier challenges to resolve.

She cut her teeth with The British Consul-General, before leading Friday Media and Lambda Software through periods of strong growth and service evolution. Prior to starting Cevo in Victoria, Hannah worked with ThoughtWorks delivering great software with clients like IOOF, MYOB, Coles, World Vision, Slater & Gordon and Australia Post.

Now her mandate is to build Cevo into Australia’s premier provider of software delivery, devops and automation capability by forging a team of great technologists, who solve interesting problems with awesome clients.

Steve Mactaggart

Steve Mactaggart


Steve Mactaggart is an Application Delivery Evangineer at Cevo, his focus is on helping businesses deliver the best solution for their customers in a way that fits both their timelines and their customer needs. A passionate technologist, he takes great pleasure in keeping abreast of current trends in technology always looking for opportunities to improve current practice with some innovative thinking.

Using Lean and Agile principals, Steve is constantly working with teams to help them realise the goal of delivering value in discrete units, measuring the results and then learning and adapting in rapid succession.