Lindsay Holmwood

Title: Deepening our people, to weather the org


Devops is about changing technical culture. But technical culture isn’t created in a vacuum – it's nurtured and reinforced by the broader organisational culture our tech orgs are part of.

That culture comes from people – our artifacts, beliefs, and assumptions. Unless we deepen our people's skills, knowledge, and experience, we'll get the culture change we deserve.

What does technical culture change look like, and how does it survive? And why are people the hardest but most important piece of the puzzle to change?


Lindsay Holmwood

Lindsay Holmwood


Lindsay Holmwood is a engineering manager living in the Australian Blue Mountains. Lindsay works at the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency, building clearer, simpler, faster public services . A long-time contributor to the open source and DevOps communities, he authored cucumber-nagios, Visage, and Flapjack, and has run the Sydney DevOps meetup the past six years.

Lindsay speaks internationally about both the cultural and technical side of DevOps, covering Just Culture, complexity, cognitive biases, and monitoring tools. He also won third place at the 1996 Sydney Royal Easter Show LEGO building competition.