Mujtaba Hussain

Title: Do small data sets dream of big data?


As a startup, it's imperative to have a firm grasp of the way your user base interacts with your product in order to progress and improve. In this talk, I will outline how we at Fillr, went from spending money on Facebook to get users, to using data from our own users to get more users, and save a whole heap of money along the way. At the end of the presentation, the attendees will hopefully have a better understanding of the challenges that this approach poses, and the benefits of taking them head on like:

  • How to work with a very small user base to generate usage patterns.
  • Why advertising on Facebook was of no consequence to us.
  • How to setup data visualisation mechanisms and save money while doing it.
  • Using usage patterns to further expand and improve your product.
  • Building retention patterns to check your assumptions and fail quick.
  • Introduce experimentation, rapid failure to every facet of your product lifecycle based on data accumulated.
  • Investing in your team to improve both their skills and your product.
  • Why learnings is not a word.
  • How to remove gut feel and guesswork from your workplace.

This presentation will have a very big emphasis on

  • Open source software, both taking from and contributing back.
  • Real world examples of collaborating across the business between UX, engineering and our CEO.
  • Using Elasticsearch, Cornelius, d3js to set up a system of data visualisation to enable the entire business to analyse our growth.
  • Explanation of what Gandalf could have learnt from the DevOPS movement.


Mujtaba Hussain

Mujtaba Hussain


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