devopsdays Berlin - propose

This page lists the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. Zero Downtime Deployment with Ansible - Stein Inge Morisbak
  2. War Games - David Mytton
  3. Using static languages for automation, a Scala case study - Ivan Kusalic
  4. Use and abuse of containers - Thomas Fricke
  5. The beauty and the bias: A tale of self-delusion and fallacy - Maximilien Riehl
  6. The TICK stack or how I got to love InfluxDB - Daniel Kühne
  7. The Internet of Things has gone Quarky (Lessons from a grain of sand) - Kieran Hearty
  8. The DevOps Simulation Experience - or 'How to get everyone into the DevOps Boat?' - Thomas Stolt
  9. Supercharge your development environment using Docker - Deni Bertovic
  10. Screwing up for Less - Stephen Hardisty
  11. Programming the Workspace - Pere Urbon-Bayes
  12. Power in the workplace and women in tech - interdependencies for successful alliances - Inga Höltmann
  13. Nix - the purely functional package manager - Rok Garbas
  14. Net innovation: Why devops needs to extend to the greater supply chain of software - Ilkka Turunen
  15. My name's Phil and I was a DevOps skeptic - Philip Emery
  16. Multi-Stage Provisioning with Ansible - Victor Volle
  17. Monitoring Java applications in Docker container with Jolokia and InfluxDB - Daniel Kühne
  18. Logstash - The state of the union - Pere Urbon-Bayes
  19. Let's have a DevOps team! - Alexander Schwartz
  20. Infrastructure in Code - DockerFiles and Docker Compose - Chris Ward
  21. Infrastructure as code - Ansible, how to make your life easier! - Engin Yöyen
  22. Improvement of Serverspec integration tests in multi platform environments by the combination of Wercker, Walter and DigitalOcean - Gosuke Miyashita
  23. Implementing a build pipeline with Docker and Infrastructure-as-Code - Bernhard Cygan
  24. How to run one of the top 100 US websites from Germany - Ben Kubota
  25. How to Create a Diverse DevOps Team - Lauri Apple
  26. How low can you go? Scalable infrastructure on a shoestring - Gerald Schmidt
  27. How I got from Zero to Continuous Deployment - Franziska Sauerwein
  28. How Docker and Consul is used for development and production - Jan de Cooman
  29. Hiring - From Dice Roll to Science - Alex Howells
  30. From Hero to Zero - DevOps at Kuehne + Nagel KN Freightnet - Markus Krogemann
  31. Extreme Agility: DevOps - Derya Sezen
  32. Empowering developers at Mapbox with a DevOps culture - Johan Uhle
  33. DevOps@Enterprise - Lessons from the Trenches - Marcelo S. Ancelmo
  34. DevOps, Agile and Open Source at ImmobilienScout24 - Schlomo Schapiro
  35. DevOps at a Distance - Greg Damiani
  36. DevOps at Native Instruments - Callum MacGregor
  37. DevOps and Security - Christoph Hartmann
  38. DevOps and Realtime Messaging: Running your XMPP messaging at scale using Saltstack and Docker - Simon Tennant
  39. DevOps War Stories resulting in 10 concrete guidelines - Joris De Winne
  40. DevOps Tooling landscape - Joris De Winne
  41. DevOoops (Increase awareness around DevOps infra security) - Gianluca Varisco
  42. Defining DevOps - Dimitrios Verraros
  43. Debugging your communication for more success and efficiency in DevOps - Sabine Bernecker-Bendixen
  44. Culture First! - Engin Yöyen
  45. Continuous Development with Nix - Rok Garbas
  46. Continuous Delivery DevOps - Lothar Schulz
  47. Containers, DevOps, Apache Mesos and Cloud - Reshaping how we Develop and Delivery Software - Marcelo S. Ancelmo
  48. Consul and Git repo as a configuration management tools - Sergey Chernyshov
  49. Because your Infrastructure Deserves Tests, Too: Test-Driven Infrastructure with Test Kitchen, Serverspec and RSpec - Martin Etmajer
  50. Automating networks. Breaking one status quo at the time. - Nicolas Antonio
  51. Automating Data Deployments with Distributed Databases - Chris Ward
  52. Ansible: A Love–Hate Relationship - Sveinung Dalatun
  53. Agile and DevOps for Services - Making your SOA Agile - Marcelo S. Ancelmo

Ignite Talks

  1. Why mobile and front-end developers will love you for having continuous deployment and integration set up - James Nocentini
  2. WARNING is a waste of my time - Schlomo Schapiro
  3. Nix, the purely functional package manager - Rok Garbas
  4. Move fast! Break stuff! Oh, wait! - Florian Thiel
  5. Making more people feel welcome and safe at your event - Franziska Sauerwein
  6. Lessons from running a distributed delivery team - Trent Hornibrook
  7. How to store and retrieve container images securely - Alban Crequy
  8. Hiring Infrastructure Operations Engineers - Trent Hornibrook