Derby 2015 - propose

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Propose a Talk!

Deadline: Janurary 11, 2015


  1. Create a proposal (see the Proposal Checklist below)
  2. Email your proposal to [email protected]
  3. Answer any clarifying questions (via email)
  4. Get a notification whether your proposal was accepted

Proposal Checklist

  • Title
  • Speaker name (optionally, company/position)
  • Abstract
  • Talk type (Ignite (5 min) or regular (30 min))
  • Twitter handle (or public means of contact)
  • Email (won’t be published, unless specified by you)
  • Bio (max 200 words, we reserve the right to shorten it for publishing/layout reasons)

Besides the suggest a speaker/topic we also have the traditional ways to propose a session:

  1. A proposal for a talk/panel during the conference part : these are 30 minute slots that will have all people's full attention as everybody will be in that one room.
  2. An Ignite talk that will be presented during the Ignite sessions: these are 5 minutes slots with slides changing every 15 seconds (20 slides total) also presented to all attendees in one room
  3. Openspace session : even without a prepared presentation we welcome the discussion and interaction by having people propose a session on the fly during the openspace opening. Check the openspace format for more information

Speaker selection

The selection is done by the complete organization team over a discussion. We take into account comments/remarks at the bottom of each proposal. Once selection is complete, we will notify both selected and non selected speakers. Optionally we will tell people they are a runner up or ask them to propose the same subject as an Ignite talk.

Suggest a speaker, topic

Come on, don't be shy. We know you've always wanted a person to give their own view on a specific subject. Now's your chance and we might make it happen.

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