GDPR in DevOps for Dummies

Organisations are preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the latest European privacy law. Since organisations are already struggling with getting compliant to the security standards like ISO 270012, NEN 7510 or Dutch baseline as BIR / BIG/ BIWA, it’s even harder to get the right measures in place for the GDPR.

In this presentation we start with the relationship between privacy and security. And why it is even more relevant to Shift left in the development lifecycle (Privacy by Design). Then we will discuss some articles from the GDPR and will translate them in useful privacy requirements. This will demonstrate why you must have privacy and security requirements in place even before you start building or changing a system.

Next to the requirements we will end with the articles which are beneficial for organisations. some generic user and abuser stories which are relevant for most applications.



Edward van Deursen

Edward van Deursen bought his first computer in the 80’s, a Commodore64. That’s where his passion for computers begun. In the late 80’s he started his career as a Cobol programmer on mainframes and ...