Adapt or Die: how DevOps can (and should!) save the world

From iterative improvement to the breaking down of silos, the core concepts of the ““DevOps”” movement represent a shift in how the technology industry perceives the status quo. And, the community continues to thrive as DevOps practices increasingly infect other industries like banks, manufacturers, schools, and retail chains. But as the movement continues to grow, the full breadth of its benefits are limited by the scope of what we as practitioners apply its principles to. Focused on solving the challenges of development and operations communities, it is easy to forget that we have a responsibility to the global community and culture as well.

By expanding our mindset from the software development life cycle to the human life cycle, we can use DevOps practices to create a culture of change in the world, rather than just our silo of the world. We’ll examine some of the challenges faced by globally underrepresented communities and apply common DevOps principles to iterate on current solutions and offer fresh perspectives in pursuit of betterment.



Jody Wolfborn

Jody is a theatre major-turned-technologist with a passion for languages of all kinds and a soft-spot for animals of the canine variety. As a Solutions Architect at Chef Software, she works to help ...