7 years of #devopsdays, 5 years in Amsterdam

A retrospective on 7.5 years of #devopsdays , when talking to Patrick at CloudCamp Antwerp and deciding to run the very first edition of #devopsdays in Gent back in 2009 , we were not planning on keeping this event running for 34 of a decade, travelling all over the world let alone talking to 1000+ person crowds with bodyguard protecting us from selfie crazyness. But it did happen.. #devopsdays has evolved. This talk will document that journey, and look at the future..



Kris Buytaert

Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux, Dull Ops Engineer, and Open Source Consultant. He’s one of instigators of the devops movement, currently working for Inuits He is frequently speaking at, or ...