Terminal Velocity: Doing DevOps Right by Removing CLIs from Production Environments

”…one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly…” - Amazon on S3 outage, 2017

”…an improper entry was made to a call routing table during provisioning work…” - Level 3 on nationwide VOIP outage, 2016

”…an engineer [wiped the] database directory, errantly thinking they were doing so on the secondary…” - Gitlab on customer data loss, 2017

”…operational errors…”

”…standard [deployment policy] was not followed…” “…configuration switch was incorrectly enabled…” - Microsoft on Azure outage, 2014

Command-line interfaces to production environments are both ubiquitous and terrifying. They are powerful, fast, and dangerous. Most would agree that we should at least limit – if not completely eliminate – our dependence on them, but how do we achieve that lofty goal?

At Workiva we’ve started the transition. It’s tough. It’s painful. It’s wonderful. Let’s talk about it.”



Matthew Simons

Matthew is a Reliability Engineer who works for a Top-10 tech company you’ve probably never heard of: Workiva (ranked #4 in 2016’s Best Tech Companies to Work For). He’s an ...