Start-up Culture at Scale

Once upon a time there was a little travel start-up based in Edinburgh called Skyscanner. It was a lucky start-up as it became successful and grew and grew and grew. But as this start-up got bigger things that worked stopped working and this made the start-up sad. The architecture of its platforms wouldn’t scale for example; but that is another story. One thing the start-up didn’t want was to leave start-up land behind. This is a tale about how this ex-start-up became happy again by maintaining the benefits of a start-up culture within a company of over 500 (and rapidly increasing) engineers. It will beguile you with the saga of Squads, Tribes and Guilds! It will romance you with the legends of enablement! You will be astounded with tales of autonomy! Above all the chronicles of lessons learned will help you avoid pitfalls and traps in future expeditions!



Matthew Slane

Matthew Slane is currently working as a software engineer in Skyscanner. His focus is currently on service routing and discovery with in the Developer Enablement tribe. He has experience in monitoring ...