Practical tips for defending web applications in the age of agile/DevOps

The standard approaches for web application security over the last decade and beyond has focused heavily on slow gatekeeping controls like static analysis and dynamic scanning. However, these controls was originally designed in a world of Waterfall development and their heavy weight nature often cause more problems than they solve in today’s world of agile, DevOps, and CI/CD.

This talk will share practical lessons learned at Etsy on the most effective application security techniques in todays increasingly rapid world of application creation and delivery. Specifically, it will cover how to:

1) Adapt traditionally heavyweight controls like static analysis and dynamic scanning to lightweight efforts that work in modern development and deployment practices 2) Obtain visibility to enable, rather than hinder, development and DevOps teams ability to iterate quickly 3) Measure maturity of your organizations security efforts in a non-theoretical way



Zane Lackey

Zane Lackey is the Co-Founder/Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Internet Bug Bounty Program and the US State Department-backed Open Technology Fund. ...