Setup your own Ansible/Docker Workshop/Raising an Ansible Army

Ansible is easy to learn but learn by doing!

For enterprises, learning is an investment which involves, infrastructure, material, setup and effort.

We created an Ansible Training Lab to train a huge workforce using Ansible & Docker.

From bootstrapping a machine to setup of the complete lab takes ~ 1 minute. The lab is scalable on the fly, leverages the idempotency feature of Ansible as its best. Every student has his/her own sandbox and extreme LEAN Infra usage. A plethora of tags in the lab setup playbook brings various functionalities at your finger tips, like SSH Key refresh, dynamic scale-up/scale-down of control and managed nodes for the students, private network setup, scale-up/scale-down of participants and many more…

Join in, see it, do it, feel it, enjoy it & hack it!