DevOps is NOT a Strategy

The great management thinker Russell Ackoff once said, “The righter you do the wrong thing the wronger you become.” Unfortunately, continuous delivery and devOps can be used to do the wrong thing righter (and much more rapidly). What can be done to ensure the right thing is being delivered?

Strategy deployment is a method for enabling better decision making by translating high level executive strategy into actionable and meaningful goals. Workers at all levels of the organization are able to use these goals to prioritize work items and identify high information value experiments aligned with the organization’s strategic direction. This session covers the basics of strategy deployment including how decentralized decision making can unleash the full potential of the speed and quality advantages provided by devOps.



Cat Swetel

Cat Swetel is an executive consultant with experience applying lean principles in a variety of settings: from startups to large enterprises, warehouses to web, etc. She is passionate about increasing ...