DevOps moves fast. How can you be faster?

Over the past years we have seen a fast and ever-growing rate of companies adopting the DevOps mindset in their organization. Everything started with VMs, then configuration management, containers, and now orchestration platforms have taken center stage. Today more than ever, companies need to keep up with this ever-increasing pace, and continuously updating the infrastructure may become a difficult task to consistently achieve.

This talk will discuss which techniques you can use to make these transitions easier and more effective for your team and company. We will showcase common pitfalls and issues that you might encounter during this process and will provide suggestions of how to avoid common mistakes.

During this presentation we will talk about our experience at Camunda, a software company based in Berlin, that during the past years had to undertake this path. During this talk we will showcase our experience - what went well, what could have been improved and what did not work at all.

In particular we will explain how our infrastructure changed over the years to include modern technologies in providers like AWS and Google Cloud. This talk is about a journey from a small environment to a redundant and highly available infrastructure.

Moving to the DevOps mindset might not be as easy as it sounds. If your company is undertaking the same path or if you want to share your experience join this talk and take part in the discussion.

Facing this challenges is the norm… Why not make the whole process easier?



Andrea Giardini

Andrea Giardini has been fascinated by the DevOps mindset since the early days of this movement. He has been working extensively with configuration management and cloud computing, gaining experience ...