Long-lived Devops and the Pit of Success

The products we build in DevOps teams can have long lifetime, but your teams don’t remain static. In reality that means the code will survive team changes due to employee turnover, shifting business priorities, and changing technology fashion. How does the mantra of ‘you build it, you own it’ work when you have to hand ownership of existing code over to some new hires, and/or the people who built it leave the company? This talk will discuss how you can best set up your projects so that the code can weather all of these challenges and how to recover if they don’t. Setting up your future colleagues to fall into the ‘pit of success’ instead of the ‘pit of despair’ when things go wrong can go a long way to making sure teams who own legacy components remain happy and healthy. It will also cover practical ways you can transfer and build knowledge with developers who weren’t there to see the thing built in the first place and to regain knowledge lost through attrition or team changes. - What the concept of ‘the pit of success’ means and how your can build things in such a way that good outcomes happen by default.