DevOps for Adults: Concepts and Tools

In this interactive, demo-driven session, we’ll set up a holistic Continuous Delivery pipeline with the use of DevOps enabler tools, based on Cloud, microservices and container technologies. While setting up the pipeline, we go through a set of recipes for both concepts and tools to underpin DevOps. Toolchains show exemplary how to implement the concepts. Recipes for the following are included:

  • how to derive holistic pipelines
  • how to utilize best-of-breed tools while minimizing vendor lock-in
  • how to visualize and design pipelines, with Jenkins Blue Ocean
  • how to build and stage/promote binaries (e.g. with Java EE WAR, Docker images)
  • how to inject quality gates and increase cycle time
  • how to handle snapshots and releases, with Maven
  • how to use Jenkins 2 scripted and declarative pipelines
  • how to extend the tools, e.g. Jenkins, with Shared Libraries and Groovy
  • how to inspect source code and binaries
  • how to visualize layers of Docker images
  • how to use standards, such as REST API, to rollout scripted solutions
  • how to set up functional monitoring, with ELK
  • how to utilize cloud, container and microservice technologies