Iterative API development through design and virtualization

The API economy is a general term that describes how organizations are leveraging APIs to drive profitability and growth. In the API economy, application programming interfaces (APIs) act as the glue that ties together services, intelligence, applications and systems. This allows businesses to make the most of their data to create enhanced customer experiences and open new revenue channels. APIs aren’t just viewed as technological assets anymore that are restricted to a company’s back end, but are being recognized as important sources of financial and strategic importance. To make the most of the API revolution, companies are rethinking their business models to incorporate APIs.

Through API design and service virtualization, your DevOps teams can use virtual services instead of production services, enabling frequent and comprehensive testing even when key components are missing from your system architecture. By emulating the behaviour of essential components that will be present in a final production environment, service virtualization allows complex applications to undergo integration testing much earlier in the development process, removing key bottlenecks that would otherwise delay production and time-to-market for an application under test.



Ronan Trainor

Ronan is Senior Technical Sales Engineer @ SmartBear Software across their API Products.

His role involves understanding customer requirements, translating and explaining complex technical