Root for All - Measuring DevOps Adoption

DevOps is about culture and mindset more than about technology - but how do you measure success? How do you know if your company really ““does”” DevOps?

It turns out that root access to production servers is not only the proverbial holy grail but actually serves as a fact-based measure for the trust and automation levels in an organization.

This talk explores the connection between root access and automation on one hand and DevOps mindsets, cross functional teams and shared responsibility on the other hand. Based on practical experiences at Zalando and at ImmobilienScout24, two major web companies in Berlin, the talk provides concrete suggestions for achieving true DevOps happiness. As a result you will know why in the end there is no harm at all in granting root access to everybody.

Key takeaways are solid arguments that you can use to convince your boss and your peers to take a different approach on root access demonstrating how shared responsibility works for real.

See Root for All - A DevOps Measure? ( for more background information.