Why your next QA job might be in Ops

How does the QA role fit into a world of DevOps and Continuous Delivery? Is it still even relevant? This session will examine these question and propose ways in which a QA mindset contributes to a successful DevOps and Continuous Delivery practice.

Topics will include: * A short history of software quality assurance: Waterfall - Agile - DevOps * Definitions: What is QA anyway and what it isn’t. Who are we? * Why QA and Ops traditionally have a complimentary mindset * Why a QA mindset is still relevant in a “Full-stack” “NoOps” world * What the quality implications are of “Infrastructure as Code” * What changes about QA in a DevOps world? What skills are needed and what opportunities exist for QA minded individuals * Q&A about QA in a DevOps environment



Ed Rousseau

I am a 20 year veteran of the software industry who has mainly worked in the QA space with occasional detours leading infrastructure tools teams both in startups and the enterprise. I am passionate ...