Escaping the Black Hole of Release Management

The decision to begin automating deployments seems fairly straight-forward and simple. This talk will cover the unforeseen consequences of that decision and the challenges of automating builds and deployments across heterozygous environments, languages and platforms. Starting with how do you make time for automation, the talk will touch on the need for automated testing, static code analysis, configuration management, artifact repositories and other technologies. Automation isn’t the answer to your DevOps problem, it is the start of your journey.

Areas of focus

  • Cultural Change necessary for DevOps
  • Incremental steps toward increasing DevOps maturity
  • Why DevOps is everyone’s responsibility



Jeffrey Sykes


Jeffrey Sykes is the Director of TechOps at VML. Jeffrey leads a team of around 20 across VML’s North American offices. During his time at VML, Jeffrey has worked across many of VML’s largest clients