Title: Management or Technical?

Have you ever been pressed in your career about whether you want to go into management or be technical? I get asked this a lot. My answer is always, “why do I have to choose?” I’ll like to dive into the root of this question and then cover ways in which you can be a leader and still be a technical contributor. It’s a challenge, but certainly possible. I’ll draw on my experience over the last five years at Puppet, Inc.

Items Covered:

  • What is technical work anyway?
  • Prioritization is most important
  • Check your title when doing technical work
  • Don’t put yourself on critical path
  • Don’t fall into micromanagement designs
  • How are you improving those around you?



Michael Stahnke

Michael Stahnke is Director of Engineering at Puppet, Inc, leading the SRE department. He’s had a few roles at Puppet, and been a part of the company growing from 35 to 520+ employees. He’s been ...