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Our local team

Annie Hedgpeth

Speaker Liaison

Annie Hedgpeth
10th Magnitude

Annie will be our Speaker Liaison and MC for this year’s event. After a major career change in 2016, Annie became a cloud automation engineer at 10th Magnitude, a leading Azure cloud consultancy. Being involved in the DevOps community, she seeks to bring attention to technologies that lower the barrier to entry for others seeking a career change into technology.


Ben Johnson

Website + A/V Organizer

Ben Johnson

Consummate Technology Leader with strong open source programming background and hands on skills in Ruby on Rails, PHP and NodeJS. Extensive experience with remote distributed development teams. Establish highest levels of quality through continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated testing standards. Constant focus on results and ways to improve while having fun building highly scalable and highly secure applications.


Gokul Sridharan

SWAG Organizer

Gokul Sridharan
CA Technologies

Gokul Sridharan, is a Master’s Degree holder in IT, an entrepreneur by nature and a successful presales management professional at CA Technologies. He has worked there for the past 3 years and successfully managing a business of $10m+ from a technical sales standpoint. Prior to joining CA and pursuing his master’s degree, Gokul started off his career at Accenture as a software developer.

During that time frame, he also started his own restaurant venture called ‘The Snack Shack’ in India. He loves DevOps concepts and likes to be a part of local meetups. He is also part of the organizing committee in DevOpsDays Dallas, and on in his spare time likes to work on new and innovative ideas.


Jack Teoh

Volunteers Organizer

Jack Teoh
Alkami Technology

Jack Teoh started his DevOps journey by actively volunteering for DevOpsDays Austin since 2015 and participates in multiple user group in the DevOps space. He also started volunteering for DevOpsDays Dallas when it was just starting in 2016, then become one of the core local organizer. He enjoys helping out both at DevOpsDays Austin and DevOpsDays Dallas, because he gets to meet and interact with people who are liked minded sharing a common interest which is DevOps.


Lee Herrin

Social Media Organizer

Lee Herrin
Six Sents

Lee Herrin is acting Marketing Organizer for DevOpsDays DFW.

Lee is an experienced technologist with a passion for solving problems. Whether technical, logistical, organizational - in every endeavor, Lee brings with him a high-level of integrity and an effective leadership style. His experience spans multiple disciplines including Employee Engagement, Distribution, IT Solutions Architecture, Virtual and Physical IT Infrastructure, and Cyber-security.

Lee is a volunteer for DevOpsDays DFW as a result of his passionate interest in DevOps (and DevSecOps) and the associated community of talented professionals.

Lee works with Six Sents - A machine learning predictive analytics and workforce intelligence platform as an Advisor for Partner and Channel Development. 

Lee also volunteers his time acting as Prayer Team Chair for the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast - a local faith-based nonprofit.


Mark Saum

Venue + Open Spaces Organizer

Mark Saum
Fidelis Consulting

20+ years advising large corporations and fast growth startups in IT architecture and security.

Mark Saum currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer of DirectStream, LLC. DirectStream was founded by supercomputing pioneer Seymour Cray and provides a breakthrough supercomputing system and a secure cloud platform. DirectStream’s goal is to provide the fastest, most secure computing platform on the planet. In this role, Mr. Saum has overall responsibility for the company’s corporate, hardware and cloud platform security.

Mr. Saum joined DirectStream from ModoPayments, where he was a co-founder and served as the CIO and CISO. While at ModoPayments, he was co-inventor of US Patent US20120101887, A System and Method for Managing Merchant-Customer Interactions. He remains as an investor and advisor to ModoPayments.

Mr. Saum has provided IT consulting through Fidelis Consulting Corporation since 1997. His customers have included IBM, AT&T, General Motors, Sun Microsystems, JPMorganChase, Lucent Technologies, the Intelligence Community, US Cellular, GameStop, and Verizon Wireless.

Mr. Saum is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and holds a B. B. A. in Business Analysis/Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University, College Station.


Megan Bohl

Sponsorship Liaison

Megan Bohl
Aspiring Technical Consultant

Megan is our Sponsor Liaison for DevOpsDays DFW 2017.  She is joining the tech community with more than 15 years experience in supply chain operations and marketing in the fashion and consumer goods industries.   Megan has a particular interest in DevOps concepts and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge at DevOpsDays DFW.


Michael Hedgpeth

Leadership Summit Organizer

Michael Hedgpeth

Michael manages NCR Hospitality’s DevOps transition, and is a deeply committed technologist that appreciates the value and necessity of executive alignment. This year he will be focusing on the DevOps Leadership Summit event before DevOpsDays which will give upper management an avenue to understand, and embrace DevOps principles.


Mike Rosado

Core Organizer

Mike Rosado
Independent Consultant

Mike who is a DevOps Enthusiast and Technical Evangelist works as an Independent Consultant with customers in the United States and throughout Latin America. Mike enjoys sharing his views as it relates to the cultural movement of DevOps and technologies that contribute to the continuous improvement. He enjoys it so much, that he became one of the integral local organizers of DevOpsDays Dallas, DevOps Live Meetup, and active Global Core Organizer of

As a recognized leader in the DevOps space with exemplary recommendations in the LinkedIn community groups, Mike’s passion in this field shines as he mentors others and enjoys tackling challenges. Mike’s vast experience in helping Enterprise customers for 22+ years at Microsoft in various capacity serves as a base as he continues to evolve in this DevOps journey.


The core devopsdays organizer group

Bridget Kromhout (lead), Kris Buytaert, Serhat Can, Jennifer Davis, Bernd Erk, Rafael Gomes, Nathen Harvey, Matthew Jones, Dan Maher, Ken Mugrage, Mike Rosado, Andrew Clay Shafer, Matt Stratton (web team lead), John Willis

Patrick Debois (founder), Damon Edwards, Anthony Goddard, Lindsay Holmwood, Gildas Le Nadan, Stephen Nelson-Smith, Julian Simpson, Christian Trabold, John Vincent, James Wickett