A DevOps State of Mind with Microservices + Containers + Kubernetes

Rapid innovation, changing business landscapes, and new IT demands force businesses to make changes quickly. In the eyes of many, containers are at the brink of becoming a pervasive technology in Enterprise IT to accelerate Microservices delivery.  In this presentation, you’ll learn about the

  • The transformation of IT to a DevOps, Microservices, and Container based Architecture
  • What are containers and how DevOps practices can operate in a Microservices based environment
  • How Kubernetes can reduce software delivery cycle times, drive automation, and increase efficiency
  • How other organizations are using DevOps + Containers with Microservices and how to replicate their success

Also, a demonstration of automated container based Microservices builds and pipelines, running Jenkins CI on Kubernetes, and continuous deployments of containerized Microservices with Kubernetes.



Chris Van Tuin

Chris Van Tuin, Chief Technologist, NA West at Red Hat, has over 20 years of experience in IT and Software. Since joining Red Hat in 2005, Chris has been architecting solutions for strategic customers ...