devopsdays Edinburgh - Post Event Information

Thank you to everyone who made the first Edinburgh devopsdays a success. This page is an easy to use index of the talk slides and videos that are available.


Speaker Talk Name Slide Link Video Link
Adrian Mouat Microservice Deployment Techniques slides video
Peter Varhol Using Machine Learning to Optimize DevOps Practices slides video
Gerie Owen DevOps and Groupthink: An Oxymoron? slides video
Abhishek Chanda Helm and the zen of managing complex Kubernetes apps slides video
Cookie Lanfear From Software Development Bootcamp to Junior DevOps Engineer slides video
Philipp Krenn Providing and Supporting Docker Images slides video
Jon Hall Aligning DevOps and IT Support in the Enterprise, Through Intelligent Swarming slides video
Philipp Krenn NoSQL Means No Security? slides video
Murdo Aird Using ChatOps in an open and conversational workflow slides video
Josh Atwell Infrastructure Extensibility at Home and in DevOps slides video
Paul Gillespie The Perfect DevOps Storm slides video
Charlotte Godley Engineering a Continuous Delivery Pipeline slides video
Josh Atwell Work + Family + Self + Fast Paced Industry = \_(_)_/ slides video
Chris Van Tuin A DevOps State of Mind: Continuous Security with Kubernetes slides video
Jason Hand Scrutinizing the Scrutiny slides video
Jenny Duckett Encouraging a culture of learning across your organisation slides video
Adrian Mouat Docker Tips and Tricks slides video