Helm and the zen of managing complex Kubernetes apps

Kubernetes has become the most commonly used container orchestration platform. However, managing apps on it is not easy. A few common questions includes: how does one version the manifests? What happens when a deployment does not work as expected? etc. In this talk we will see how Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes, addresses these issues. We will talk about the use cases of Helm and it’s architecture. We will discuss some of the best practices around using Helm in a CI/CD pipeline. At the end, we will also walk through a small demo where we will deploy a Kubernetes app using Helm.



Abhishek Chanda

Abhishek is a software engineer at DataSine where he wears a bunch of hats ranging from front ends to DevOps. Previously, he has worked at various roles in Microsoft India, EMC and Dell (US). He has ...