The Perfect DevOps Storm

Have you ever wondered what happens when you have a high traffic site, rapid organisation growth, significant technology change, a desire to reduce product lead time and improve availability occurring all at the same time?

Is it chaos? Is it plane sailing? Or is it heavy seas?

At Skyscanner is has been all of these at different points over the last couple of years as we pivoted to open-source based development, migrated to AWS, embraced ‘You build, you run it’, got serious about data and adopted a Spotify inspired tribes and squads organisation model.

This talk guides you through the different approaches we tried, the mistakes we made along the way and where we are now with our ‘enablement’ tribes that support the product engineer organisation to deliver product faster and with less risk than we could ever have imagined when we started this journey.

We will cover squad autonomy, why you need standards, CD at scale, cloud migration and technology adoption.



Paul Gillespie


Paul is the Developer Enablement tribe lead at Skyscanner where he helps guide a number of cross functional teams who work on enabling the product engineering organisation to design, develop and