Operations driven Continuous Delivery Pipeline

One of my first memories from my DevOps journey, was hearing the statement ""DevOps is primarily a mind-set"". Coming from an Operations focused background, at the time I didn't fully understand the significance of this statement.

Over the past several months, we have been developing a solution to help promote DevOps within our client delivery organisation, while helping to bridge the gap between our Development & Operations teams. By developing an Enterprise focused Continuous Delivery Platform, and offering it as a Service, we aim to standardize the Continuous Delivery pipeline within our organisation.

The road is long, and our journey has only begun, but at this early stage we are already excited about streamlining our processes and creating a common culture.




Eoin Connaughton

Eoin Connaughton is IT Operations Lead in DXC Technology’s Global IT Command Center, located in Galway Ireland.

He leads a team of engineers responsible for the remediation of the most severe