Hybrid Cloud with Kubernetes Federation

Hybrid Cloud is awesome, but running applications across multiple clouds can be difficult. Features like Cloud bursting, high availability, federation etc. require highly skilled technical experts to deploy and manage - wouldn't it be great if there was a tool that could help? Fear no more, Kubernetes Federation is what you've been looking for.

Kubernetes Federation makes it easy to manage and synchronise multiple clusters, enabling businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy and manage applications across cloud providers and physical data centers.

In this session we will show how to setup Kubernetes Federation to interconnect Kubernetes clusters running in different clouds and also demonstrate how to use Federation for the following scenarios:

  • Run the backend and frontend of an application in different clouds whilst managing them from a single control plane
  • Improve fault tolerance by distributing an application across two clouds
  • Scale your application to deal with increased load by using resources from a different clouds (cloudburst)
  • Schedule workload to an specific cloud, based on cloud provider conditions such as price, performance, capabilities




Cynthia Lopes do Sacramento

Cloud Solutions Engineer at HPE

Automation and software development enthusiast specially around Linux systems and using Open Source tools. With experience in network automation and OpenStack


Miguel Castilho Dias

Cloud Solution Engineer at HPE

Miguel Castilho is a cloud enthusiast, currently working as a Cloud Solution Engineer in the Cloud Innovation Team at HPE. He has experience in Development and