Single Pane View of your complete DevOps Process

With the proliferation of DevOps toolchains, access to an evidence based holistic view of the end to end software delivery lifecycle is challenging. Without integrated correlation of data between existing tools, visibility and traceability of software delivery is inhibited. This leads to delays in feature delivery and Production instability. A 'Single Pane View' provides a real-time intuitive visual feedback mechanism of the complete delivery lifecycle. This is achieved by harvesting data from within each element of a DevOps toolchain. The data is centralised, correlated and instrumented to create integrated dashboard views across the following:

  • CI/CD pipeline: Functional, performance testing, static code analysis metrics etc.
  • Software: Errors and exceptions, method transaction times, database latency etc.
  • Application: Transaction volume, response times and trending etc.
  • Infrastructure: Server health, CPU usage, disk space etc.

The 'Single Pane View' of integrated correlated data provide objective metrics to evaluate KPIs and operational SLAs. Emerging issues can be diagnosed early enabling proactive remediation before issues become problems. It promotes collaboration, feature delivery efficiency and quality, production stability and continuous improvement.



Ross Coll

A senior software engineer with 12 years experience in IT. I started my career with Duolog Technologies working in hardware but steadily moved towards software. My hardware background has proven