DevOps in Politics

One of the key challenges of politics - as well as DevOps in general - is harnessing automation without losing the critical human touch which moves hearts and changes minds. Although this talk will mention specific technologies (including Hashicorp’s Vagrant), it is not intended as a prescription for those technologies. Rather, the emphasis is on the application of technology to solve real world problems. Learn how to find the line where too much automation (yes, there is such a thing) is counterproductive and you need to pull back to maintain a personal connection with voters, customers, employees, and more. You will also walk away knowing how to take the lessons and experience learned to future campaigns and projects - especially when your candidate, product, etc. does not end up winning. There is value - sometimes more value - in a loss as well as a win. Learn how to take what you can, iterate, and refine it for a future application.



Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Software Development Engineer at Chef and and a core maintainer of the Supermarket and Habitat open source projects. She also sits on the advisory board for the ...