Changing culture through personal reflection

I spent my first year as a DevOps engineer believing it was DevOps vs the business, a couple of months ago I came to the revelation that there was a better way to do things.

I recently have been embracing the team mentality as a member of a scrum team being the cog in the wheel that does the devOps/SysAdmin work for that team. There has already been a substantial change on the team. Being able to see the bigger picture as to why embracing the team mentality has already shown vast improvements. Now to scale this mentality out to the fellow team members of the DevOps team and growing the culture of the business to work as a team.

The final step that is just taking shape at Pinsightmedia is showing the company that DevOps isn’t about tools, technology, or standards. It’s about how the company begins to think about improving the concept to customer process. Where the company really begins to gain value from the code it is producing. The unique thing is an individual can begin to change the process just in how they interact on the teams they help out on.



Scott Howell III

I am currently a DevOps engineer at Pinsightmedia. I spend most days knee deep in building out a better way to do configuration management while automating all my daily task. If I’m not reading up on ...