Chaos Theory + Civil Rights = 21st Century Corporate Practices

There is much discussion about systemic actions and attitudes that have been the basis for so much homogeneity and exclusiveness in large corporations. Patriarchy. Ageism. Cultural Biases.

But according to a recent​ ​McKinsey & Company study​, companies in the top quarter for racial diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns higher than the national median in their industry, while gender diversity boosts performance by an additional 15%.

So what if we take the mathematical processes that built up those systemic attitudes as the norm, and break them down to their theoretical origins, in order to recalculate a sustainable procedure that would intentionally include diversity, equity and inclusion in its make-up?

And then make that the new norm? And actually positively affect the bottom-line of the organization?

Takeaways include:

● How mathematical theory shows up in human relationships ● What natural pattern-making can be re-worked for team wellness ● Diagramming a defined approach for an inclusive corporate environment for all cultures, disciplines, genders and generations



Kate Ertmann

Kate Ertmann is a businesswoman, seasoned speaker, and thought leader. A child actor for kid’s television programming and commercials, Kate renounced her Hollywood hopes in favor of a