Continuous Delivery Using Crowdsourced Testing

Often testing can be viewed as a barrier to implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps, but it shouldn’t be. In this talk I’ll be sharing my experiences of how we crowd sourced testing, learned more about our customers and removed the “testing bottleneck” in our delivery process.

I’ll be talking about the crowdsourcing platform we used, how we adjusted our approach over time and how we were able to greatly improve the quality of our products.

This talk is the perfect introduction to crowdsourced testing. We’ll discuss the challenges you face, how to adjust your testing strategy, what to expect from crowdsourced testing, for what kind of tests it suited us the best and how to manage different platforms and tools.



Maja Schreiner

Maja Schreiner is a Test Master with strong theoretical and practical experience in software testing. Her interests include applying agile testing practices in everyday work, advocating for agile