#monitoringlove in 2017

In 2011 the #monitoringsucs discussion started between system engineers. Now, after 6 years this area has changed a lot. Today most fast-pace organizations have modernized their approach to monitoring. We probe in high frequency, we made the monitoring systems distributed and use automation (configuration management) to control all parts of the monitoring stack. And our tools have changed a lot. They are now specialized for a given task, allow usage of exchangeable components, are easily interconnected and allow rapid development in a self-service model. In 2017 changes in monitoring are done through API / config management and not by filing a ticket. I’m mainly interested in OSS monitoring tools, so the ignite will show how exciting it is to build a monitoring platform with modern open tools that can be used as a service by the whole organization.



Tomasz Tarczynski

Systems architect and Ops technical lead at Gigaset. Focused on shortening delivery times with adoption of DevOps culture, automation and measurements. Encourages sharing of knowledge and experience ...