Sys Admins, DevOps, SRE. Oh My! (Opening Keynote)

Our industry is changing again. DevOps has has been around for almost 10 years, and I believe we are only at beginning of our journey. That being said, our movement has progressed far enough for people to have titles like “DevOps Engineer”. What is the significance? For beginners, I’d like to show a path for starting a career in our field. For the seasoned, I want to share ideas of where we could go in the future. For everyone, I’d like to discuss the power of words, technology, and empathy to show how they impact the people and projects we interact with every day.



Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles works on the Cloud Engineering team at Capital One. When not helping a huge bank move to the public cloud, he gets to speak at conferences on topics ranging from machine learning to ...