Where are all the Chefs?

We live in this world of DevOps with new and exciting things happening around every corner. How are we advancing ourselves in our trade and craft? Can DevOps culture support us while welcoming new people into the fold? We’ll dive into a little DevOps history and look towards the future.

We’ll start by going over the history of DevOps culture with a jump to the past in the 90s all the way into today. There will be some comparisons to another career familiar to the speaker with restaurants and where the talk title originates from. We’ll then continue these comparisons against similar fields to ours to try to find some answers as we look toward the next 5 or 10 years in DevOps.



Aaron Kalin

Aaron Kalin is a System Administrator for DNSimple hailing from Chicago and has been programming for over 20 years. At night you’ll find him hacking on game servers or experimenting with other ...